Thursday, February 2, 2012

The concept of homeschooling

I find the increasing acceptability of homeschooling to be a fascinating development. See this article: Article on homeschooling

I wonder if there is any correlation between bad public school experiences and the decision to homeschool. Certainly, I could not imagine sending a child to the hell that is the public school system. But I don't know how much of that sense that public school is hell would apply to someone who is less of an autodidact than I am. It would be quite interesting to know if people choosing to homeschool have a similar sense of public education as utterly broken, or if they have other reasons. Conversely, it would be interesting to know if people who had positive schooling experiences actively look for the closest comparison to their own education.

Odd first post for a blog, I guess, since I am asking questions to a readership that does not exist. Then again, I think it would be rather silly to expect an audience, and the question of "I wonder if" is likely to be the most commonly used phrase in a blog dedicated to writing down my thoughts.

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